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Sonja-Marie's Buffy The Vampire Slayer Links
By far the most comprehensive Buffy links site I've seen. Updated Weekly.

Another nice links site. Very professional, but not a much fun as  Sonja Marie's

Links site including fan fic, episode guide and more



Willow's Key
Willow fanfiction Archive

Alyson Hannigan fan forum where you can post messages and discuss her work

We Possess Willow Power
Long-running fansite for Alyson, open since 1997!

Hannigan Online
Another excellent Alyson fansite - very good for pics

Witchy Willow
Dedicated to the character Willow rather than the actress

The Ultimate Willow Fan Page
Lots of great downloadable multimedia and interviews

Playboy interview with Alyson Hannigan
Filthy, brilliant, honest and open - somewhat weird reading the intimate details of 'Willow & Wesley's' sex life though



The Buffy Cross & Stake Spoiler Board
Get all the latest info and spoilers for Buffy here

The Angels Soul Spoiler Board
Get all the latest info and spoilers for Angel here

Buffy Fan Forum
Click on Messageboard and post about all aspects of Buffy here, including spoilers

Slayer Sheila
Aussie site which keeps up-to-the-minute on cast gossip.

James Messageboard
Has a very good 'Spoilers' section that I regularly check out

Spanking Spike
A lightly kink-filled Spike fan fic site



Saber Shadow   Kitten
Fan Fic galore at Saber's top class site.   Read 'em &  weep (...or laugh, scream - depends)

UnConventional 'Shippers Links (UCSL)
Fan fic database that's updated weekly. Majority slash-fic -   every pairing imaginable (really)

Darker Shade of Pale
Fan fic site specialising in the angsty side of Buffy

Penny Dreadful
Puca Dentata's excellent fan fic.  Covers Oz, Spike, Xander and more

Spanking the Slayerettes
Fun and slightly kinky fan fic archive



Laure Alexander
Award-winning fic varying from short PWP (Porn-Without-Plot) to longer series. Other 'ships too.

Nocturnal Elle's Fan Fiction Archive
Some nice pieces of fanfic here as well as a couple of wallpapers.

Deathless Ruby
Choc-full of Willow/Spike fics - well over 600 at the last count!

Near Her Always
A Willow Fan Fic Archive

A Willow/Spike Shipper Site



Drusilla's Garden
A brilliant site for the lovely, but loopy, Dru.  Regularly updated and beautiful to behold

Another great site for an underappreciated character

Spank Me Till Tuesday
More a Juliet Landau than Dru fansite, but still very good



A d d i c t i v e  S t i g m a t a
A 'Must-Visit' site - high quality fanfic, and so much more.  True class

Bloody Awful Poet Society

Dedicated to that fact that, whilst 'Spike' may be a bad poet, he's a good man - which is fair enough!

Underground   Music
If you enjoy Spike/Xander fanfic take a good look here for a stunning piece of dark-fic.  Maybe one day OpheliaGirl will finish Underground Music...but I doubt it very much despite her assurances otherwise

Chocolatey Goodness by Mad Poetess

Award-winning fan fic involving Spike, Xander and oodles of chocolate!  Nummy.

My Spike
Very nice site for Spike, regularly updated and overhauled and well worth a look for all Spike fans.



Buffy & Spike Diaries
S/B fanfic archives - v. comprehensive and well categorised.

Death-Marked Love

S/B fan fiction archive has undergone a wonderful revamp (no pun intended) and is better than ever

Carnal Sins
S/B Fanfic and more

Heat. Desire
Brilliant S/B fanfic arcive - a must see site for all Spike & Buffy shippers



Gordon Abrams   Online
I can't believe someone created this darling site   for the Mutant Enemy logo. Can you?

Psyche Buffy Transcripts
Complete scripts from Buffy episodes from episode one to last weeks US airing!



Annie & Ellie's Die Buffy  Page
Its funny because its true. One of their ways for Buffy to die: "choke on her lipgloss"